Public Debate Challenge to Judd Legum


People are funny. Judd Legum is a die-hard partisan who works for the Center for American Progress. For some reason, four years ago he decided to use his position to (successfully) get me removed as a writer for 538. You all know the story.

Well Judd is back to harass. Apparently more than 160 articles about me at CAP were not enough.

Well, I’ve long had enough abuse and bullying from these guys. So Judd, rather than you sniping at me on Twitter with lies and innuendo, let’s do this in person and for real. Let’s debate the issues that you profess to care so deeply about, and that I am so wrong about, in a public forum. Should be an easy win for you.

I have no doubt we can use the event to raise money for important charities. Mine will be Doctors Without Borders.

Judd, whenever convenient, I’ll come to you. You can come here. Whatever.

What do you say? You got some substance behind the Wikileaks and Twitter bravado?

It’s guaranteed he will decline the offer. And that will tell you all you need to know.

8 thoughts on “Public Debate Challenge to Judd Legum

  1. Declining an offer of debate proves nothing. You have a public medium to make your points and show any innacurate tuings he has written about you


    1. The email makes it clear that ClimateProgress are taking credit for Roger no longer being published at 538. Maybe they were exaggerating their role to get more funding, but that hardly makes them a shining star of truth. Perhaps Pravda would be a more apt comparison. The problem here is of course that the IPCC agrees with Roger on these topics. This would lead me to conclude that these “debunkings” were politically motivated and not based on science. ClimateProgress is frankly engaged in political propaganda and makes no pretense of objectivity or scientific competence.


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